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Towards Automatic Concept transfer

Naila Murray, Sandra Skaff, Luca Marchesotti, Florent Perronnin
This paper introduces a novel approach to automatic concept transfer; examples of concepts are “romantic”, “earthy”, and “luscious”. The approach modifies the color content of an input image given only a concept specified by a user in natural language, thereby requiring minimal user input. This approach is particularly useful for users who are aware of the message they wish to convey in the transferred image while being unsure of the color combination needed to achieve the corresponding transfer. The user may adjust the intensity level of the concept transfer to his/her liking with a single parameter. The proposed approach uses a convex clustering algorithm, with a novel pruning mechanism, to automatically set the complexity of models of chromatic content. It also uses the Earth- Mover’s Distance to compute a mapping between the models of the input image and the target chromatic concept. Results show that our approach yields transferred images which effectively represent concepts, as confirmed by a user study.
NPAR : Non-photorealistic Animation and Rendering, Vancouver, Canada, August 5-7, 2011.